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Annual National Traditional Medicine Conference (ANTRAMEC)

The Annual National Traditional Medicine Conference (ANTRAMEC) is an annual event that presents a platform for academicians, practitioners, entrepreneurs and students to discuss research and product development in the traditional medicine sub-sector, hosted by THETA Uganda. ANTRAMEC was initiated in 2013 by the THETA-Uganda and Natural Chemotherapeutic Research Institute (NCRI) as an annual platform where academia, scientists, practioners, policy makers, and civil society organizations come together to share experiences and discuss issues concerning traditional medicine research development in Uganda.

Since then, the conference has been happening with the first one in 2013 at THETA and the second and 3rd in 2014 and 2015 respectively at Hotel Africana Uganda. These conferences happen in the last week of August that coincides with the African traditional medicine week that is commemorated by all African countries. ANTRAMEC is organized to discuss current research evidence on efficacy and safety and innovations in herbal medicine practice and product development. It is also aimed at sharing knowledge and experiences and strengthening opportunities for partnership between different stakeholders in traditional medicine research. The conference provides a platform for sharing perspectives of practitioners on how research can improve practice, how scientific research in TM can inform ethical and evidence based practice and how entrepreneurs benefit from research to advance innovation in the herbal medicine products industry.

Conference Participants: Participants invited for the 3rd ANTRAMEC included the following: academicians, researchers, policy makers, TM practitioners, medical practitioners, private sector, educational institutions, development partners and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Uganda.

The 4th ANTRAMEC (2017) Download ANTRAMEC Report Here

THEME: “Hanessing the Potential of Traditional Medicine to Accelerate Universal Health Coverage”

HAPPENED ON: 29th – 30th August, at Hotel Africana – Kampala

More information about ANTRAMEC 2017 is still being uploaded.