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Strengthening Of Community Systems to Eliminate Loss to Follow Up In EMTCT In Oyam District In Uganda

THETA Uganda with funding from ViiV Health care through Positive Action Children Fund (PACF) is implementing a three (3) year community eMTCT project (2016 – 2018), titled “Strengthening of community systems to eliminate loss to follow up in EMTCT”. The project seeks to strengthen linkages between communities and health facilities to address loss to follow up of HIV positive and lactating women across the EMTCT continuum care. The goal ofthe project is to reduce the rate of loss to follow up to HIV prevention and lactating women across the eMTCT cascade by 98% in Oyam district through a sustainable family support system by 2018.

The project objectives are to:

  • – Increase the knowledge of EMTCT and EID at family level to 95% among 920 villages in Oyam by 2018.
  • – Establish and develop a psychosocial support network of family groups that reaches 100% of HIV positive pregnant and lactating women in Oyam district.
  • – Establish a community led referred and follow up system that reaches 100% HIV+ pregnant/lactating women for eMTCT services by 2018. This project focuses on community interventions addressing loss to follow-up in eMTCT and Early Infant Diagnosis.

The project is implemented through the following strategies:

  • – Family focused EMTCT education
  • – Peer led Family support groups
  • – Economic Empowerment for families of PLHIV
  • – Harnessing traditional and cultural systems to support EMTCT
  • – Strengthening community health facility linkages

The project aims at achieving the following results:

  • – Increased number of people and families’ knowledge about EMTCT and EID
  • – Increased capacity of community structures to conduct EMTCT EDUCATION
  • – Increased access to psychosocial support by HIV positive women
  • – Increased of families to save money and invest in the community
  • – Increased access to EMTCT service

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