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THETA Hosts OVC Project Funders

During the week of 21st – 25th July 2014 , THETA hosted the OVC project funders. As opposed to other Donor visits, this time round the Geneva based Charity organization – SIDECOLE sent a team of four to visit the work being done in Uganda. The charity Organization is supporting 1094 Orphans and vulnerable Children in Kampala and Kaliro districts through THETA Uganda.

The funders visit to the beneficiary schools in Kaliro left smiles of Joy and hope to the Orphans and school directors just like anyone would feel when they are visited by their parents.  We conducted a walk around the schools supervising the work and achievements made in 2013 and early 2014. The many developments and changes at the schools left the funders astonished “ahhh you installed tip taps for the children to wash their hands after visiting the latrines – this is a good initiative. Well done “OVC Funder.  

In 2013, the charity group supported the schools through provision of water harvest systems, construction of pit latrines, roofing of a class room block, instructional materials, installing play stations, child to child clubs support, Integrated Practical skills and supply of food materials. This support has continuously increased the enrollment and retention levels of school going pupils. 

SIDECOLE and THETA team looking at tip tap

During this visit however it was noted that adolescent girls were absconding school due to menstrual challenges. The girls are from poor families which can hardly afford buying of sanitary pads.

.THETA, SIDECOLE and other partners continue to source for support for the most vulnerable persons in areas of Education and Health. 

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