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Current and Previous Projects

MTCT Project to strengthen Community Systems to Eliminate Loss to Follow-up in eMTCT in Oyam District

OVC support project to reducing the Vulnerability to HIV and AIDS

Better Outcomes For Children And Youth Project In Northern Uganda

Ghetto Community Based Health Initiative targeting vulnerable community members in slums of Kampala Capital City Authority.

THETA Research and Ethics Committee (THETA REC)

Traditional medicine has been used for thousands of years with great contributions made by practitioners to human health, particularly as primary health care providers at the community level. Eighty per cent of African populations use.

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Annual National Traditional Medicine Conference (ANTRAMEC)

The Annual National Traditional Medicine Conference (ANTRAMEC) is an annual event that presents a platform for academicians, practitioners, entrepreneurs and students to discuss research and product development in the traditional medicine sub-sector, hosted by THETA Uganda.

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